Bristol Bikefest

Photos from the Bristol Bikefest 2011

Sunday 598Saturday 74Saturday 132 & 218Saturday 1 & 49Saturday 45Saturday 256 & 55
Saturday 242Saturday 213Sunday 719 & 772Sunday 772SUnday 772, 716, 674, 590, 587, 598Sunday
SundaySunday 584, 545Sunday 599Sunday 590 537SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASunday
Sunday 174Sunday 289SundaySundaySunday 547Sunday 382

Bristol Bikefest, a set on Flickr.

The Bedminster Riders were at the Bikefest on Sunday.


I got hardly any good shots of them, but lots of photos of others. I have put the race number in the title where I could see it. If you would like any of them in a full res, please contact me.


It didn’t help that it was chucking it down most of the time.


The best shots are from Saturday when it was dry.