Sunday Cycle Ride

A few weeks a ago I bought a bike, but I haven’t been able to really go out on it.

I think I need to explain that I haven’t really been cycling since I learnt to drive, which is a few years ago. I wasn’t sure if I could still ride a bike, so I did take it for a short ride a couple of weeks ago, just to check. The verdict was that it was just like riding a bike.
Any way I finally managed to get Brad to take me out on a cycle ride on the Bristol to Bath cycle path rather than playing in the mud with Matt and Jay.

I’m quite happy with how far I managed just over 16 Miles, we made it nearly as far as Bitton, I probably could have gone a bit further but I was aware that I still had to make it back home again.

If you are intested here is the route on google earth
For some reason it downloaded in 2 parts