Week 12 Summary

My stats for the week of 14th March

Banana 20160316_205058

Sugar-free banana cake

Last night I made a sugar free banana cake, although to be more accurate its a "no added sugar cake" as both the bananas and the sultanas contain fructose.


Week 11 Summary

My stats for the week of 7th March

Avon Ring Road Path

Weekend training

My current maximum distance on a road bike is 17 miles, and that was back in August last year. I needed to get some more distance rides in before my 50km Charity ride in April. I set up a 18.3 route, that would cover the ring road path, the Frome valley, Bristol to Bath, and the dramway path in a loop.

Ashton Court mud-track

My Garmin is trying to kill me

With the failure of my Strava app last week, I decided to get a Garmin device. I was very generously bought one as a belated birthday present. I went with the Garmin Edge 25. It’s about the size of a 50 pence piece and attaches to the stem of your bike. The advantage of the 25 over the 20 is that it comes with Bluetooth, so can get it to sync with your phone rather than having to plug it into your usb port with the cable.

Road Bike 20160311_155109 (2)

Being seen

When I made that decision that I was going to start to ride to work, my biggest concern was being seen.


2nd week of commuting

So the plan of cycling more than once this week didn't really work. Torrential rain on Tuesday and Wednesday did not inspire me to cycle to work.


Week 10 Summary

My stats for the week of 29th February